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Brightside Integrated Health

Therapy and Naturopathic Services Available in Dartmouth and Halifax

Providing support for the wellbeing of your mind and body

The team at Brightside Integrated Health understands the importance of your mental, physical and emotional health. Founder Brian MacAulay provides counselling therapy as part of the health and wellness services offered at the clinic. Brightside’s allied services exist to support your mental and physical health.

Counselling Services

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you suffer from a poor state of mental health, it can take a toll on your physical health. Seeking counselling with a certified, compassionate, approachable therapist on an as-needed basis can make all the difference.

The challenges you may be experiencing now do not define your future. You are greater than your struggles. Through counselling, we can carefully examine each challenge, evaluating and better understanding how you got to where you are. Through this exploration, we will discover the strengths and identify coping mechanisms you have developed along the way in order to deal with your challenges.

Please note that most insurance companies cover clinical social workers and psychologists and many cover registered counselling therapists. Please check with your carrier to confirm coverage.

The strength and motivation to change comes from within - the role of the therapist is to help facilitate that change. We can help people target their innate strengths while establishing tangible goals and outcomes. At Brightside, our main goal is to help support people in digging deep to examine past mental-emotional concerns that are impacting our day-to-day lives.

Reach out to one of our counsellors if you need support in dealing with:


Dr. Robin Roeslen is a Naturopathic Doctor with Brightside Integrated Health, specializing in creating treatment plans around addressing fatigue, women’s health and preventative medicine. Find out more about Dr. Roeslen and book an appointment HERE.