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Corporate Services

Corporate Counselling and Staff Support Services in Atlantic Canada and across the Country

If you’re working within a corporate or academic organization, you may be interested in the corporate services available through Brian MacAulay Counselling. This takes on a variety of different forms and can be tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Workplace Incidents

Unexpected events and crises can happen at any time – a tragic death, a serious accident. Whether it happens inside or outside the workplace, these events can have a profound and lasting effect on your team. Brian can provide traumatic incident support to address these difficult situations and make your staff feel supported and heard during some of the most trying times in their working life.

Evolving Workforce

Working with organizations with diverse staff, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, Brian focuses on training staff to ensure the workplace is a safe, respectful and welcoming environment for everyone within that space. This type of training can help reduce work-induced stress, promote harmony among team members and improve a general sense of safety and wellbeing while in the office.

Conflict Resolution

When you bring a multitude of different personalities into an office setting, a certain degree of conflict is inevitable. How and when management addresses this conflict truly sets the tone within the workplace. Brian specializes in conflict resolution, staff de-escalation and can provide guidance on how to handle difficult clients. He’s happy to provide techniques to ensure minor conflicts don’t turn into major ones, which can have a negative impact on employee morale and productivity.

Athletic Performance

There is a strong linkage between your mental state and your ability to perform physically under pressure. Brian has worked with university level sports teams to help players get “out of their heads” and into the game. Promoting mental wellbeing is just as, if not more important than maintaining physical fitness as an athlete. Training the brain can help improve stamina, focus, strength and performance during games.

General Counselling Services

Brian can also provide organizations with guided sessions about proper self-care, dealing with stress in the workplace and a variety of other mental health issues. Contact him to discuss any health and wellbeing issues within your team or workplace and we can collaborate to craft a plan tailored to your needs.

Past Experience in Corporate Counselling

Over the past 20 years, Brian has had a variety of opportunities to provide vital corporate counselling to businesses and mental health support to athletic departments.

Developing a key intersection between mental and physical training has been a vital part of his work with university athletes to help them thrive within their sport of choice. This was accomplished through the incorporation of mental health care into the existing physical health regime provided to varsity level athletes.

Brian has extensive experience creating safe workspace and trauma informed policy for mid-to-large sized organizations.

Through my work in the business community, he provides de-escalation training for staff and provide tools, techniques and tactics to work more safely and effectively with difficult to manage clients.

Brian was a counselling consultant on devastatingly violent tragedies that had a life altering effect on small communities within Nova Scotia in recent years.

He has worked with a variety of organizations including Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia Department of Justice, and the New Brunswick SPCA to help train staff and provide policy and logistical support.

Get in Touch

While in-person sessions are always preferred and proven to be most effective, Brian can also offer virtual sessions upon request. To find out more about corporate counselling services, please call 902-444-1015 or email [email protected].