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Healing from Trauma

Therapy for Trauma and PTSD in Dartmouth and Halifax

Trauma is typically defined as an emotional response to a horrible event such as an accident, sexual assault, physical abuse or living through a natural disaster.

The long-term impacts of trauma can include sudden, intense, overwhelming emotions, flashbacks and strained relationships. At times, the symptoms can manifest physically through recurring headaches or nausea. Healing from trauma can be a difficult process.
Trauma doesn’t have one set definition and can’t be defined by a single experience. It is complicated, deeply personal and affects everyone a little differently. It can be brought on by one catastrophic event, like surviving a hurricane, or something more subtle and insidious, like ongoing sexual, emotional or verbal abuse.
It’s not fair, feeling trapped by your past, powerless to change a disturbing event or action that was completely out of your control. Processing trauma takes time, patience and careful guidance from an experienced counsellor. I’ve worked closely with survivors of various types of trauma – experienced by veterans, First Responders, victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Everyone experiences trauma differently and takes time to confront and heal from that trauma at a different pace.

Brian is here to help you during that journey so you can fully process what happened, evolve through the pain and ultimately gain the ability to live in the present, moving forward with newfound confidence. You can’t change the past suffering you have endured but you can choose the path forward. He has provided assessments for the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs and is able to provide assessments for various courts in Nova Scotia.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that after many years practising as a trauma counsellor, Brian understands how difficult it can be, just ask for help. He’s here if you’re ready to take that initial step toward healing and work as a team on solutions and healthy coping mechanisms that are tailored to your needs.