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Dartmouth, NS
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Clients’ Experiences with Brian MacAulay

Knowing that effective counselling is all about give and take, I value all feedback from my clients. I tailor my process and approach to a client’s needs and that therapeutic bond evolves over time.

Here are a few things past and present clients have said about the counselling services I provide:

" Honest, understanding, compassionate and real. "

Honest, understanding, compassionate and real. This is Brian. Brian provides a comfortable space to share thoughts and feelings and gives honest feedback in a respectful manner. He is supportive and kind and gives solid advice with tangible steps to move forward. He validates your emotions and empowers you by reminding you that both you and your story are real and important. Talking to Brian is like talking to an unbiased friend. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

" Truly a valuable experience and I am thankful to have had his support. "

Upon the initial appointment with Brian, he and I were able to establish a strong client/counsellor rapport. This rapport had offered me a sense of secure, non-judgmental, and trustworthy conversation that was directed by Brian’s decisive and emphatic nature. Throughout our counselling sessions, it quickly became apparent that he was knowledgeable, practical and had a variety of skills and tools available. Brian and I were able to work together to find the appropriate skills and tools that I needed personally and implemented them into my everyday life to overcome the challenges and barriers I was struggling with during that time. When I began working with Brian, it was the first step of my processing and healing journey, which now has led me to a lifestyle filled with growth. Working with Brian was truly a valuable experience and I am thankful to have had his support.